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About the BI Monkey SSIS ETL Framework

The BI Monkey SSIS ETL Framework is an ETL Execution, Control and Logging system for ETL projects using SSIS. It is supported by a SQL Server metadata database.

It is created by James Beresford, SSIS & MS BI Blogger at

The project is released as the v1 framework for SQL2005+. The v1 framework is simple and suited to smaller deployments. The v1 release currently is in Beta and is ready to use. It remains in Beta purely because the reporting side is not complete at this point. The v2 version is now unlikely to be released on codeplex and will only be available in a commercial form.

A commercially supported version is now available at for SQL2012+ in versions equivalent to v1 and v2.

Framework v1

The v1 Framework described below is the initial, simple release that is suited to simple linear processes in single server environments. It supports the following execution features, all of which are configurable at the metadata level:
  • Recoverability
  • Data Extraction Ranges
  • Execution Orders
  • Task Dependencies
  • Failure Handling

The Framework consists of:
  • Two SSIS Packages
    • A Master Package to control Execution of all the packages under the frameworks control
    • A Template Child package to add code to
  • A SQL Server database to provide execution metadata
    • Packages to Execute
    • Control information
    • Execution history
  • Reports on the framework
    • Current setup and configuration
    • Status and performance

Framework v2

The v2 Framework will be a more industrial level framework which will add the following features:
  • Multi-Server aware configuration tables
    • Multi Server Process Execution
  • Threading (Paralell Execution) )within processes

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