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Framework Packages

The Framework is run using Master packages that communicate with the MetaData database via stored procedures. Template Child packages are also provided which have pre-set logging and configurations that allow easy integration into the framework.

Framework version v1:

The v1 Framework consists of two SSIS packages:
  • The Master Package
    • This controls the execution flow of the packages under the frameworks control
  • The Child Template Package
    • This has certain logging functionality pre-set
    • It also has Parent Package variable configurations in place to allow the Master Package to send it information

Using the Framework packages

No changes need to be made to the Master Package. All configuration of the Master Package is handled by the metadata database.

To use the Child package, copy and paste the template into your solution, and reset the package GUIDs (I recommend using BIDS helper to do this for you). Then just change the contents of the Data Flow. If you are migrating existing packages, just copy in the Data Flow from your package and delete the one in the copy of the template, and relink in the control flow.

The Master Package

The Master Package is the controller that manages the initialisation of a run, reruns of incomplete prior runs and handling of actions in event of the failure of a child package.

The Control Flow of the package is shown below:

Framework v1 master package.jpg

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