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Framework Metadata Database Stored Procedures

The Framework uses Stored Procedures to facilitate communication between the SSIS Packages and the Metadata database

Framework version v1:

There are 13 stored procedures used:

Logical Name Physical name Detail
Acquire Tasks for Execution dbo.usp_Acquire_Tasks_For_Execution Acquire Tasks to be executed
Create Run dbo.usp_Create_Run Create an Entry in the Run Master
Create Task dbo.usp_Create_Task Create an Entry in the Task Master
Finish Run dbo.usp_Finish_Run Finish a Run
Finish Run Execution dbo.usp_Finish_Run_Execution Finishes the execution of a Run
Framework Reset dbo.usp_Framework_Reset Reset the Framework to its initial state
Initialise Run dbo.usp_Initialise_Run Initialises the Run
Initialise Tasks dbo.usp_Initialise_Tasks Initialises task entries in the Task Log table
Log Package Error dbo.usp_Log_Package_Error Logs package level errors
Log Reset dbo.usp_Log_Reset Resets all log tables
Test Task Precedents dbo.usp_Test_Task_Precedents Tests if a Tasks Precedents are complete
Update Run Log dbo.usp_Update_Run_Log Updates an entry in the Run Log
Update Task Log dbo.usp_Update_Task_Log Updates an entry in the Task Log

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